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Welcome to the Home of Alpine Adventures!

Update 3/27:  We will continue running Group Tours through Easter Weekend, and will continue to open up more time options as the others fill in.  Please reach out to the office, preferably by email but you can always call, if you do not see something that will work.  We might have more options that have just not been made available online yet.  We recommend booking the earliest time available that will work for you, just in case we see an unexpected shift and it ends up being hotter than forecasted.  Keep in mind that if you opt for a later time and we can see that it will end up being too hot, you will not get to go if there are no earlier time slots still available to move you.

Following Easter Weekend, we will be running Tag Sled Tours only until the trail conditions force us to stop running altogether.  April is always considered to be day to day, but we anticipate being able to continue running beyond Easter at this point.


As we get into late March and April, traditionally it is WAY too hot to run in the afternoons. We start running at 7:00a in order to accommodate as many as people as possible before the heat shuts us down for the day.  If cooler weather allows us to run later into the day, we will, but that determination cannot be made until we get a few days out. Our availability is cut in half on days that we are limited to the mornings only. 


Spots fill up quickly on those days, so especially once we get into mid-March and beyond, you MUST plan to come in the early morning.

Welcome to the home of Alpine Adventures Dogsledding, your destination for dog-powered fun, where you get to drive the dogs.  We offer 2 types of tours, so whether you have a larger party or a small family, we have an option for you!


We are located in Leadville, CO.

Check out this great episode of Out West for more Leadville attractions!  If you just want to just see the segment on dogsledding, you can fast forward to 16:35.

“Wow! The dogs, the sleds, the friendly guides, and the phenomenal scenery all combined for a tremendous life experience. Definitely our family’s all-time favorite activity on our recent vacation.”
Best regards, Jim Fox



We wanted to thank you for giving our nieces Haylea and Hannah in their words, “the best spring break adventure ever!"  Pam and I also loved the outing very much. Haylea and Hannah wore their new tee shirts to bed and said the were going to wear them to school Monday even if they were dirty!
Thanks again, Pam and Jim Dunn


I want to thank you for the wonderful experience my brother, sister-in-law, Barbara, and I had dogsledding. The enthusiasm and information provided to me when I first called Alpine Adventures made me decide on using your company. Your staff was very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Your staff accommodated us so that we could go out as our own group. This also gave us more time on the sleds and with the dogs. Things were very well organized and everyone working with you was so nice and really made the experience fun. The dogs were amazing and our guide was just great!  We highly recommend Alpine Adventures to anyone who visits your area. Thanks again for such a wondeerful time!”
Lois Trout, San Diego, CA

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