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How long does the season last? 


Our dogsledding business is open from mid-November through mid-April, snow permitting.

How cold will it be?


Because dogsledding is an outdoor activity, you should plan on dressing for a chilly winter day. We run our tours snow or shine, so come prepared for the fun!



Dress in layers; you can always take a layer off.



If you dress like you are going skiing, you will be well prepared.


What should I bring?


A warm coat, snow pants, hat, gloves, face masks, neck gators, sunglasses or goggles, sunscreen and a camera will cover all the bases.



Who can mush the dogs?


Alpine dogsledding customers from ages 9 and up will have the opportunity to mush the dogs.

Children ages 3-8 can ride in the basket of the dogsled while another adult mushes the team.

Guides may have children under 100 lbs. mush with a parent for extra support depending on the weight and awareness of the child.

The most important thing to us is your safety and the dogs’ safety.

What kind of dogs do you have?


Alpine currently has 107 Alaskan and Siberian Huskies ranging in age from puppies to 15 years. We let the dogs run as long as they love it.  They tell us when that desire is no longer there. When we retire dogs, we find good homes that will give them the comfy retirement and love they deserve. If we cannot find the right home, they stay with us.

Do the dogs get cold?


No, these dogs actually prefer the cold weather and have a special dual layer coat specifically for this type of climate. Remember, these dogs think below zero weather is a beautiful day to dogsled.

How big are the dogs?


Sled dogs are the strongest draft animal on the planet. They can pull more weight pound-for-pound than draft horses or any other draft animal and do it at a pretty incredible pace!  Dogs that are actively racing average about 45-50 pounds. Our dogs vary in size from 35-65 pounds. The girls are usually the smaller dogs, but are great leaders. The bigger boys are the muscle of the dogsled team. People are most surprised just by how strong they are. The dogs can easily pull more than twice their own weight.

How do you make the dogs pull?


With few exceptions, all of our dogs were originally trained to race. They are born wanting to pull. We never answer the question “Do the dogs like to do this?” because we feel the dogs do a great job of answering that question on their own.

Do you know all of the dogs’ names?


Yes, each dog has a name and an individual personality.  And, yes, we know them all.  if you go into a large group of people, it might take a day or two to remember every person’s name. The same applies to learning each dog’s name. Each dog has a distinct personality, bark, likes and dislikes, etc. Over a short amount of time, we not only know their names and personalities, but recognize their voices too.

Can I participate if I am pregnant?


No. Unfortunately we cannot allow pregnant women or children under 2 years, 10 mos to participate.

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