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"I have to say that this was one of the best experiences of my life. It was certainly a wonderful tour. Patrick our guy was very friendly, knowledgeable and just an over all joy to be with. Your staff was bar none some of the best people I have met. I will definitely be seeing you again for another tour and would recommend your facility to anyone looking for a GREAT adventure!  Thank you so much for letting me check one more item off my bucket list. Here are a few pictures that were taken along our trip.

Thank you again so much, G Wittlock"


"Just got back from the most wonderful experience EVER! Dog sledding at Alpine Adventures…I can hardly describe the wonder and beauty of the landscape, the sound of the excited dogs ready to get out there and just RUN! The staff was friendly, helpful and informative…. everyone we met obviously loves working with the dogs (and people!)


We were introduced to each dog on the team and I got to love and pet them all. Each one has such personality; my favorites were Rohn and Dancer. Being cuddled up in the sled as passenger was fun, but actually getting to mush with the guide; I wanted it to last forever. Giving the dogs their ‘meat soup’ when they got back was so much fun too…it was hard to say goodbye to them.

Thank you so much, everyone at Alpine Adventures, it was an experience I will never forget. Hopefully we will get a chance to come back again.
Thank you, love and hugs to the dogs, Adrienne Honeycombs

"Hello to all at Alpine from the Layton ’s. This past winter 2012 was our second trip to the ranch for a dog sledding adventure. We usually bring a relative who has never experienced the thrill of dog sledding so they can mush and be mushed! The quiet and beauty of the trails is definitely a break from an office world. We will be back in 2013 and look forward to connecting with the wonderful staff there again. Part of the fun is the ride from Avon . This year we had Jerry and he was a lot of fun, as he spoke most of the way about the facts of the different areas we were travelling trough to get to the Ranch.  Remember to tip your guide as well as the driver. Have fun and stay warm."


"Today, in the midst of conference calls and computer e-jail I started thinking of our time at Alpine Adventures and decided it was time to share the experience my wife and I had with your pups and team! First, WOW!  What an experience!  We finally chose dog sledding instead of snowmobiling because it is the type of experience very few people will ever have the opportunity to do. It turns out that was absolutely the right call. We travel frequently and is ranked among our favorites for things we’ve done on a vacation. We arrived, suited up (thank you for providing the bibs by the way), and then we got to meet our team. Our guide did a great job of introducing us to each of the pups and was gracious enough to let us take pictures. Before we arrived, I was worried we were making the dogs run for us. I could not believe how eager the dogs were to run. It was clear they lived for and loved pulling the sled and we were just the excuse they needed to get out and have fun. Knowing they were excited about the run made us anticipate the start even more. We decided to pay a little more and go tag sled, which I highly recommend because once you get going you are going to want to relished every second of the time you are out there. To have nothing but you and the dogs running was worth every penny. Our guide was outstanding. He had one of us ride in the basket and one on the back sled at first. Once we got the handle of the sled (particularly the leaning into turns) we switched up so that everyone had a chance to mush and ride in the basket. The hour was well balanced between the thrill of the dogs taking off from a stop, steer the runs, and taking in the beauty of the bowl where you are located. Thanks for helping make our vacation a memorable one. Oh yeah.. and tell the dogs I said “Go-Go-Go-Go-Goooooooooo!” We’ll be back next time we are in Colorado!
Jeff and Jamie

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