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Cancellation Policy

We try to be as fair as we can in our cancellation policy.  Our season is short, and the dogs eat year round.  However, our policy is very strict as we turn away hundreds of people each year that don't plan ahead.  Last minute cancellations or no-call/no-shows take away spots from other guests that would have loved to have gone in your place.  By making your reservation online or providing your credit card at the time of booking over the phone, you hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:

1 )  I understand that cancelling a tour or dropping the number of guests on the reservation must be done 72 hrs prior to the tour time during peak holidays and 48 hrs outside of peak holiday times.

2)  I understand that due to the nature of the tours, the imperative need to stay on schedule, and for the safety of the dogs, if we show up late for our tour, we may not get to go on the tour and will not be entitled to a refund.  It is our responsibility to show up on time. 


    If the roads are open, we are running.  It is your responsibility to take traffic and weather conditions into consideration to make sure you arrive on time for your tour.

3)  I understand that if I get lost because I chose to disregard the advice of Alpine Adventures when instructed numerous times NOT to use GPS while driving to the ranch, I will not be entitled to a refund of any kind.  I acknowledge that I need to follow the simple directions provided on the website.

4)  As general policy, NONE of the following excuses will entitle me to a refund inside of the cancellation period:

  1. Someone in your party is sick or injured.

  2. Too much traffic on the road caused you to be late.

  3. You get lost navigating to our location.

  4. You did not realize how far/long of a drive it was to get to us from your location.

  5. The taxi or car service forgot to pick you up, or was too late.

  6. You don't like the weather on the day of your ride.

  7. Your car was plowed in and you couldn't get out of your driveway.

  8. You drove your car off the road and got stuck.

5)  I understand that there NO exceptions to the cancellation policy, regardless of the reason.  While Alpine Adventures MAY make exceptions on a case by case basis due to legitimate extreme circumstances, I acknowledge that no promises are made by Alpine Adventures and that I am not entitled to a refund. 


     We want you to go on your tour and have a great experience with the dogs.  If you miss your tour, we will allow you to reschedule pending availability.  However, if you miss your scheduled tour on December 29th, (for example), there will likely be nothing to reschedule to until possibly the 2nd week of January.  The full amount paid can be used on a future tour.

6)  I understand that reservations that are made when already within the cancellation policy period are non-refundable.

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